In observation of Data Protection General Regulation as determined on May 25th 2016, this website informs about data collection policy & cookies procedure in this section.

What do we consider cookies?

A cookie is a file downloaded into your computer, when accessing some web pages. Among other things, cookies enable a website to store & recover information about users’ browsing routines & habits, that could be used to recognize them and the way they use their unit (depending on the data they gather).

What kind of cookies does this web page use?

This web site includes the following cookies

Analytical Cookies: Those who, either managed by ourselves or by a third party, allow us to quantify the number of users, as well as making measurements and statistical analysis on visitors use of displayed services. On behalf of that, browser in our web page is analysed to improve our products and services’ offer.

Technical Cookies: Those who enable users to enter restricted areas, as well as using different functions, such as carrying out the purchase procedure of an article.

Personalization Cookies: Those who allow users to enter services with general features, previously defined following specific criteria in their own terminal, as language or web navigator could be.

Behavioural Advertising Cookies: Those who make possible a more effective management on advertising spaces that an editor (if it is the case) has included in the website, app or platform where the requested service is being delivered. This kind of cookies store information on visitors’behavioural patterns thru a continuous observation of their habits, which enables us to show personalized adverts based on the specific profile developed.

Cookies’ Deactivation
You can allow, block or remove cookies installed in your unit, through the configuration of your browser options in your computer.
In most of web navigators, the possibility of allowing, blocking or removing cookies is offered.
Following, you can access to most common web navigators settings, to accept, install or deactivate cookies.

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Third-Party Cookies
This website uses third-party services to collect information with statistical and web use purposes.
In particular, we use Google Analytics services for our data and behavioural analysis. Some cookies are essential to our site right operating such as the added searcher.

Warning on Cookies Erasing
You can erase or block all cookies from the website, but some parts of it might not work or might be affected.
If you have any doubt about our cookies’ policy, you may contact us thru our channels in this website.