Nartex Barcelona is an enterprise, created in 2009, which works in the fields of cultural heritage, tourism, urban regeneration and territorial development. We are a team of professionals with wide experience in project management both in public and private sectors. We develop our task engaged with quality and innovation and the firm belief that culture is of the people and for the people.
Our path has led as to work in key-reference projects in Barcelona, other cities and places around Europe, and Argentina, Brasil, Cambodia, Honduras, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Vietnam and Chile.
The members of Nartex Barcelona team have run different workshops and seminars, given presentations and conferences and participated in many university master and postdegree programs.

Jordi Pardo

Nartex Barcelona Founding Partner. Cultural projects manager, specialist in urban intervention and heritage management projects.

Mar Llorens

Nartex Barcelona Partner. Museologist, specialist in the definition and coordination of cultural and touristic projects.

Ana Requejo

PhD. in History of Art, museologist and cultural manager. Specialist in technologies applied to heritage. 

Ana Reventós

Marketing specialist focused on cultural & touristic branding, communication and redefinition of publics.

Damià Moragues

Expert in cultural tourism and development projects. Specialist in tourism and international consultant.

Jorge Bernárdez

Project manager-Consultant. Specialist in strategic and operational management, financing and fundraising.

Isabel Vilaseca

Nartex Barcelona Partner. Cultural manager, specialist in cultural projects production and digital communication.

Jonatan Murcia

Content responsible and digital development.