A project for a new Visitors Center at the Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet. The Center, located at the entrance to the Monastery, is aimed to be a presentation space, both for the monument and the religious community living there.
The space is divided into 3 themed areas. The first one being the introduction to the Cistercian Order thru audiovisual and interactive features, as well as a virtual recreation of the architectural transformation over the centuries of Poblet Monastery itself. The second area uses the strength of images to create an emotional space that claims spirituality as a heritage of different people and cultures. In the third room, an immersive audiovisual presents the life of the community of monks around the cloister.In collaboration with Pep Botey (https://www.pepboteyilla.com/es/), Lluís Cruz, Erigin (https://erigin.com), Dedalo (https://www.dedalostudio.com) and Amador Garrell.
The Poblet Visitor Center opening was on June 12, 2019.

Nartex Barcelona

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