Concept idea for the project of Salvador Dalí’s Birth House at Figueres. Technical advice for FEDER Funds application and draft of the Museological Project.
The focus, beyond enhancing the historical & sentimental value of the spot (located in Monturiol Street), was to complete his artistic legacy, through the understanding of Dalí’s bonds with his hometown & emotional landscapes.
It is also a project to manage the iconic potential of Salvador Dalí, a character that attracts thousands of visitors yearly to the Empordà Region. The idea of this new center was to offer a new knowledge about Dalí, based on his human dimension, more than his artistic side.
The proposal presented new aspects of his personality that still are unknown for the general public, and also referring to a context that helped him grow as a person, to become a unique character. So, the storytelling proposal was based on the richness provided by the character himself: “the thousand faces of Salvador Dalí”.

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